Tuesday, May 31, 2011

Ahem, Samuel Pepys, Walt Whitman and Big Ben

Right, yes. Slight deficiency of new post details. Actually it's been rather a comedy of errors. I would say funny but it's not particularly funny to lose internet access for a fairly keen internet shopper such as me.......

So my iphone went splash into a swimming pool and in yet another not so funny comedy moment someone tipped a glass of water over my shiny sleek keyboard. Hey ho.

So excuses over, wires back where they should be I am sort of getting my mojo back with regard to my neglected blog.

So, May the 31st.

As ever a true smorgasbord of interesting things, variety being the spice and all that I went for a bite size selection to highlight.

In 1578 King Henry III laid the first stone of the Pont Neuf in Paris, now the oldest bridge over the Seine.

On this day in 1669 Samuel Pepys made his final entry into his diary, his failing eyesight bringing to an end his monumental more than nine year work.

The monumentally wonderful Big Ben first rang out over London on this day in 1859.

Image courtesy of Wikipedia, from The Illustrated News of the World, December 4th 1858.

May the 31st 1911 saw the launch of the hull of the Titanic in Belfast;  there are some amazing images here.

May the 31st is the birthday of one of my favourite favourite poets  - Walt Whitman. I faffed around thinking of a poem to add, I couldn't choose, so have a look here: A Child Said, What is the Grass.

Walter Sickert, Denholm Elliott and Terry Waite share this birthday - 1860, 1922 and 1939 respectively.

The Saint for the day is Saint Petronille, the recipe for the day involves the enormous amount of fun we have had recently picking cherries : 

Duck with sour cherry sauce followed by cherry clafoutis.

Ps. I just came across this via the wonder that is Twitter.