Wednesday, March 02, 2011

Concorde, Jon Bon Jovi and Dr. Seuss

You know that conversation you have - if you didn't do what you do what would you do instead ? I love what I do which is obviously fabulous but if I had to do something else I would love to be a chilli farmer or  grower, producer. Work in chilli husbandry ? What's the correct term I wonder. Anyway I just love chillies and seeing as I try and weave a little food related bit to each day I thought I would put in that today.

So on this day in 1969 Concorde took its first test flight in Toulouse. The pilot, Andre Turcat,  said 'the big bird flies pretty well.' It would be another 8 years before it would begin commercial use.

Tom Wolfe was born today in either 1930 or 1931 it seems his 'Who's Who' entry differs ! John Irving shares the same birthday - 1942.

In 1791 the semaphore machine was first showcased in Paris, invented by the Chappe brothers.

March the 2nd 1855 saw Alexander  II become Tsar of Russia.

1904. Dr Seuss - Theodor Seuss Geisel was born today. There are plenty of activities here Dr Seuss.

I  plan to make some version of this for dinner. Depending on how successful I am I'll produce a photo. I don't have any food dye though, so I am thinking of an avocado and basil improvisation...  

Jon Bon Jovi and Chris Martin are celebrating today - 1962 and 1977.

On March the 2nd 1972  NASA launched the first spacecraft to pass the asteroid belt - Pioneer 10, Pioneers 10 and 11 were the first to visit Jupiter and record images and observations of the planet.

Mikhail Gorbachev celebrates his birthday today, he was born in 1931.

I had a look at Saints with a Feast Day and came across St. Fergia and St. Gilstilian, an uncle of St. David. l did a  very quick search and wasn't able to come up with much on either.

Right, eggs.

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