Saturday, March 05, 2011

Elvis, Richard III and Oughtred's Slide Rule

 On this day in 1133 King Henry II of England was born.

William Oughtred was born on this day 1575 in Eton, then Buckinghamshire now Berkshire. He was educated at Eton and Cambridge and would go onto invent the earliest form of the slide rule, give us the mathematical symbol for multiplication and  the abbreviations 'sin' and 'cos'. His influential work Clavis Mathematicae was published in 1631. He became an Anglican minister and was Rector of  Albury until his death in 1660.                                  

In 1750 Shakespeare's King Richard III was presented in New York, the first of his plays to be performed in the US. 

Sir William Beveridge was born on March the 5th 1879. He was an economist and pioneer of social reform; his 1942 Report  Social Insurance and Allied Services  would become the basis of the post-war reforms that led to the introduction of the Welfare State.

1908. I think she's got it. Reginald Carey Harrison, also know as Rex, was born today.

On March the 5th 1946 Winston Chruchill gave his Sinews of Peace address to Westminster College in Fulton , Missouri, giving  reference to the 'Iron Curtain.'

March the 5th 1960 was most probably a good day for Elvis Presley - he received an honourable discharge from the Army after two years service.

Today is the Feast Day of Saint Piran ( Perran ) a 6th Century Cornish Abbot, generally as I  understand, regarded to be a Patron Saint of  tin miners. 

March the 5th 2011 is World Book Night, find out more here : World Book Night

I have had a bit of a Heston moment and started to think about looking up Elizabethan recipes for lunch today. A quick look produced this Elizabethan Recipes.

Thanks as ever to the marvels of Wikipedia.

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