Thursday, March 03, 2011

Mr. Claude Choules - Happy Birthday

One of the reasons I set about doing this is that I couldn't help but notice that although my children work an awful lot harder than I did at their age ( no kidding..) my rose coloured spectacles tell me that I did more 'project' stuff at a similar age. We were still very young but we would cover history, science, geography in project form -  albeit just a few facts. In my opinion a few facts can spark a passion in a young mind and then who knows where things can lead. I remember a project on Bazalgette. It was utterly fabulous. Stephenson's Rocket too and Thomas Coram. I also recall learning a few salient facts about Mr Alexander Graham Bell.

Discovering things, with the caveat that with time and space constraints it may well  just be a slither of information, enough to ignite an enthusiasm for more, is what this is all about. 

We celebrate the birthday of one of the three worldwide survivors of the World Wars I and II  and the last living seaman from WWI, Mr.Claude Choules. Have a look at one local celebratory article here:  Claude Choules. He is the only surviving serviceman to have served in both Wars and the oldest man born in the UK alive today. He will be 110. Lest we forget have a look here:  WW1 Surviving Veterans. His autobiography  'The Last of the Last' was published in 2009.

Alexander Graham Bell was born on this day in 1847. I wonder what he would make of us constantly fiddling with our phones, texting, emailing, tweeting, twitching. Here he is in 1876 :

March the 3rd 1923 saw the first issue of Time magazine.

George Pullman was born on this day in 1831.

William Godwin was also born on this day in 1756.  Godwin was a writer, philosopher and for a time a Presbyterian Minister. In 1797  he married Mary Wollstonecraft, she sadly died  shortly after giving birth to their daughter Mary. Mary would go onto write Frankenstein and marry Percy Shelley. 

On this day in 1845 Florida became the 27th State of the US.

I found numerous Saints have their Feast Day today, I was interested to read about Saint Katherine Drexel.

On March the 3rd in 1887 Captain and Mrs Arthur H. Keller enlisted the help of Anne Sullivan to teach their blind and deaf daughter Helen. Have a look here if you would like to read more: Helen Keller.

In 2002 on this day Switzerland voted to join the United Nations after almost 200 years of neutrality.

As  for the green eggs and ham - I made a poached egg and covered it in basil leaves and served with half an avocado. It was delicious but not exactly a heavy hitter visually.

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