Wednesday, March 30, 2011

Goya, Anna Sewell, Van Gogh & Alaska

The American surgeon Dr Crawford Long first used diethyl either as an anaesthetic during an operation to remove a tumour on March the 30th 1842. In the United States National Doctors Day is celebrated in his honour.

Vincent van Gogh was born on this day in 1853 in Holland. He would go on to join his brother Theo,  a gallery curator in Paris, where he encountered numerous Impressionist artists, including Gaugin. He later relocated to Arles but was troubled throughout his short life by lack of confidence and mental illness. I love Van Gogh and have trouble selecting one of his paintings to illlustrate his birthday, in the end I went for this beautiful image, Starry Night courtesy of Wikipedia from The Museum of Modern Art in New York:

On March the 30th 1867 the United States signed an agreement to buy Alaska from Russia for $7,000,000. Thanks as ever to Wikipedia here is the cheque:

Anna Sewell and Paul Verlaine were both born on this day - 1820 and 1844.

Today is the Feast day of Saint Fergus.

I had the idea of making a fish soup. I was thinking of the various options - looking at The Colossus put me in a Spanish frame of mind - I found this from River Cottage.

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