Thursday, March 24, 2011

William Morris, Robert Koch & Steve McQueen

I read a fabulous description by Thomasina Miers on Twitter the other day about a lunch she had recently enjoyed - home made salt beef, mustard, cholla bread, cabbage, salad. Yes I am on Twitter - very recently, tweeting away with Piers Morgan, Sarah Brown and Justin Bieber.....Actually it's great, I follow the National Geographic amongst many others and the images, delivered several times a day, are a joy. Anyway @thomasinamiers has got me started on the salt beef thing. I'm researching how to do it and plan to have a go this weekend. I will report back.

Where was I , oh yes, today, March the 24th.

William Morris was born on March the 24th 1834. Again I am going a little off piste with the images, sorry. I absolutely adore this painting of his wife Jane by Rossetti. I got stuck choosing images for Morris there are so many exquisite ones; here he is with Edward Burne-Jones:

These from the V & A.

The microbiologist Robert Koch announced on this day in 1882 that he had discovered the bacterium that causes tuberculosis. Working with his assistant Julius Richard Petri, he devised techniques to isolate bacteria, leading to his discovery. He was awarded the Nobel Prize for Medicine in 1905.

Editing as we know is a sophisticated, complex skill. Self editing more so. OK I'm talking Steve McQueen. Where to start, where to stop ? He was born on March the 24th 1930. Look :

I'm going to stop there, I am of course dumduming The Great Escape music. This is Harry.

Sorry this is not strictly meant to be here - the phenomenal Elizabeth Taylor died yesterday. I  remember seeing Cat on a Hot Tin Roof; I'm not sure a film, or an actors performance in a film has ever made a greater impression on me.

Alexandre-Edmond Becquerel, Houdini - real name Erik Weisz and Dario Fo were also born on March the 24th - 1820, 1874 and 1926.

The Feast day today is Saint Aldemar, 'The Wise.'

I have Cat On a Hot Tin Roof accents in my head, Turtle Cake anyone ?

I received several emails this week from friends urging me to have a look at this terrific blog - the writer runs a weekly 'theme' encouraging others to share their photos. The theme this week is education - my children are still quite young yet old enough to enjoy these posts; however I have numerous friends with older children - some in the 'off to find their independence teenage' years - quite a few miserable and tested to the limit at school. I get daily, sometimes hourly emails or texts from them with ideas and input for March 17th, it's utterly fabulous. Also after years of moaning about how rubbish I am with a camera I start a photography course with a friend in April. Uh oh.

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Fugitive Ink said...

Here's a thing. Unless I'm missing something, not only is this Steve McQueen's birthday - it's also the anniversary of the actual 1944 Great Escape - isn't that a truly strange coincidence?

Really and truly, I do learn something new every single time I look at your blog - besides which, that photo of William Morris gave me a slight shiver - gosh, don't those early photos make 'historical figures' seem very 'real' indeed?

B x